System Pricing

How much does a system cost?

System Size (kW)# Of Solar PanelsSystem Cost****26% Federal Tax Credit*****System Cost After Tax CreditAnnual Elec Production (kWh)*First Year Electric Savings**SREC Income (Per Year)***Estimated 10 Year $ Value Of Solar Generated******Estimated 30 Year $ Value Of Solar Generated******Footprint
10 kW24$29,000($7,540)$21,46013,000$1,430$325$19,200$71,70028' L x 18' W
12 kW30$32,000($8,320)$23,68015,600$1,716$390$23,000$86,00035' L x 18' W
14 kW36$36,000($9,360)$26,64018,200$2,002$455$26,900$100,40042' L x 18' W
17 kW42$40,000($10,400)$29,60022,100$2,431$553$32,600$121,90049' L x 18' W
19 kW48$46,000($11,960)$34,04024,700$2,717$618$36,500$136,20056' L x 18' W
22 kW54$51,000($13,260)$37,74028,600$3,146$715$42,200$157,80063' L x 18' W
24 kW60$56,000($14,560)$41,44031,200$3,432$780$46,000$172,10070' L x 18' W
26 kW66$61,000($15,860)$45,14033,800$3,718$845$49,900$186,40077' L x 18' W
29 kW72$65,000($16,900)$48,10037,700$4,147$943$55,600$207,90084' L x 18' W
31 kW78$69,000($17,940)$51,06040,300$4,433$1,008$59,500$222,30091' L x 18' W
34 kW84$75,000($19,500)$55,50044,200$4,862$1,105$65,200$243,80098' L x 18' W
36 kW90$79,000($20,540)$58,46046,800$5,148$1,170$69,100$258,100105' L x 18' W
38 kW96$84,000($21,840)$62,16049,400$5,434$1,235$72,900$272,500112' L x 18' W
41 kW102$90,000($23,400)$66,60053,300$5,863$1,333$78,700$294,000119' L x 18' W
43 kW108$95,000($24,700)$70,30055,900$6,149$1,398$82,500$308,300126' L x 18' W
46 kW114$100,000($26,000)$74,00059,800$6,578$1,495$88,300$329,800133' L x 18' W
48 kW120$106,000($27,560)$78,44062,400$6,864$1,560$92,100$344,200140' L x 18' W

*This is an estimated amount based on assumptions above

*Assumes solar panel size of 400 watts each, arranged 6 panels high in landscape orientation.

*Assuming a south-facing array at 25-degree tilt with minimal shade in Lancaster, PA

**Assuming an electric price of 11 cents per kWh

***Assuming an SREC value of $25 per SREC (PA State Incentive)

****System price assumed at less than 100 feet of trenching and no electrical upgrades.

*****Assuming a 26% federal tax credit on total system cost

******Assuming electric bill and SREC savings over 10 and 30 years, with 3% annual electric rate inflation, 0.5% annual solar production degradation, and $25 per SREC


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